Orthodontic Relief For Your Broken Brackets

braces(2)If you’ve had braces placed in your mouth to straighten misaligned or crooked teeth, congratulations: braces remain one of the leading choices for perfectly-aligned rows of teeth and a beautiful smile.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean braces are perfect all the time, every time: brackets, which are the metal or ceramic pieces attaching your braces to each individual tooth, can occasionally become loose, dislodged, or broken, putting the integrity of your braces at risk.Because brackets are made from a material known as composite resin (similar to the material used for many dental fillings), they’re particularly susceptible to coming undone if you chew on something hard or sticky, or if you like to tear things open with your teeth. If you have a dislodged or otherwise faulty bracket, it can cause persistent pain and discomfort as the unchained piece pokes into your gums, tongue, or cheek.

But at DeLaura Dental, you can get your broken brackets fixed as soon as they start to deteriorate, as the expert orthodontists on site make it their goal to get your braces straightened out once and for all. These helpful oral technicians can repair the dislodged bracket and can even apply a special wax over it to keep it in place for the future. They’ll likely give you this wax if they haven’t already, too, so you can rely on it yourself to ensure your brackets don’t get loosed and start poking the innards of your sensitive oral cavity again later on down the road.

For more information on what to do if you have a broken bracket, give the orthodontic professionals at DeLaura Dental a call today at 855-601-2948 for the full oral relief you deserve right here in Romeo, MI! After all, your braces’ job is to keep your teeth straight– not get you all bent out of shape!