Mouthguards for Adults & Children

If you feel soreness and stiffness upon waking up in the morning, it’s often related to habits such as clenching and/or grinding the teeth at night. If you have this type of nocturnal habit, a custom-made night guard could be very helpful which is something that the doctors in our office could help you with. Excessive pressure is not the only reason you might need to protect your teeth. If you or a family member is involved in any type of sport, extracurricular activity, a custom-made mouth guard should be part of every athlete’s equipment. What’s a mouth guard? It’s a small protective device that fits over your teeth and absorbs the force of an impact, helping to protect the mouth from damage. There are different kinds of mouth guards, available from various sources. They include:

  • “Off-the shelf” types. Found in some sports retailers and big-box stores, these inexpensive guards come in S-M-L sizes, and are generally worn by clenching them between the teeth.
  • Moldable guards. This type of mouth guard is to be softened by heat, and then molded into shape by fingers, teeth and tongue.
  • Custom mouth guard. This is the one that’s made just for you: First a model of your teeth is prepared. It’s strong, lightweight and comfortable — which means you can wear it comfortably.

Custom-made mouth guards are an indispensable piece of equipment and are the best way to prevent a dental injury from spoiling your game. Ask our doctors if you are in need of a night guard or mouth guard at your next visit.